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Atlanta Turf

Atlanta Turf

Great American Green Inc. is your Atlanta turf specialist. We are here to provide all of your synthetic grass needs. We have a large variety of famous turf brands to choose from, including Progreen, Sprinturf, Grasstex, Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Astrolawn, Xgrass, AstroTurf, and more. If it has been a while since you've last checked out our Atlanta turf products, you might be in for a surprise - a pleasant surprise! By using the best materials and the best technology, the artificial turf that we sell looks and feels very real.

If you would like to speak with a Great American Green Inc. representative, contact us today and let us know your need. We are eager to help you. Here's what we offer:

  • Retail Turf
  • Wholesale Turf
  • Turf Cleaning
  • Turf Installation

Feel free to contact us by phone at (770) 475-5537 or contact us online by clicking here.

What are the Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf in Atlanta?

Honestly, the drawbacks of artificial turf are minimal. There are far more 'pros' than 'cons,' and the drawbacks that do exist are easily mitigated. Consider for yourself:

Con: Artificial Turf Holds Heat

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from customers is that artificial turf gets hot under the intense summer heat - hot enough to burn your feet or your dog's paws. The solution to this is usually one of a few things:

  1. Stay off the grass during the hottest part of summer days
  2. Plan your turf around your landscaping so that there are shaded areas that remain cool
  3. Put a large umbrella or have a canopy area that keeps the area you are sitting in cool

Con: Artificial Turf Can't Replace an All-Natural Lawn

Let's face it; there is something irreplaceable about an all-natural lawn, including the way it smells in the summertime and the way that it looks.

Con: Artificial Turf Does Not Support Local Eco-Systems As Grass Does

Another 'con' about artificial turf is that it does not support your local eco-system. For example, there are insections and microbial bacteria that are supported by a natural lawn. With synthetic grass, these can not flourish.

Benefits of Artificial Turf in Atlanta

As you will see, there are more benefits of artificial turf than setbacks.

Pro: Artificial Turf is Easy to Maintain

One of the best parts about Atlanta artificial grass is that it is easy to maintain. You don't have to water it, use insecticide, herbicide, mow it, de-weed it, or do any of the other hands-on maintenance that comes with a natural lawn.

Pro: Artificial Turf is Good for the Environment

Although artificial turf removes the natural eco-system that would exist in a normal grass lawn, it's better for the environment in that it doesn't have to be watered, it saves homeowners on electric costs, and there is no toxicity from weed killers, pesticides, etc.

Pro: The Best Artificial Turf Looks Real

When you purchase Atlanta turf products from Great American Green Inc., you are purchasing your synthetic grass from the best synthetic turf supplier in Atlanta, GA, and it shows in our products. We have artificial grass solutions that look so real most people will never know it's artificial if you don't tell them.

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